For any of you that don't know, I love postcards.
I've decided that this is probably the best way to document my time in Prague: a blog based on photographs and postcards.
I'll post more often this way (hopefully), and there will just be a small amount of text--a postcard's worth. And this way I'll be able to send "postcards" to everyone.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First weekend in Prague

We tried to get up and go see the Charles bridge by 10 in the morning on the first full day after we arrived. We were sucessful, but it was a lot more like Disneyland than the areas that we had been through the previous day. There were a lot of signs and advertisements in English, and everything was very touristy. I cannot imagine how packed those streets must get in the "high season" for tourism. It must be insane.
Later that afternoon we went to my favorite place that I've seen yet. My czech "buddy", Kamila, Took us to the smaller castle--not the famous Prague Castle. The one she took us to was smaller, Kind of like a river front park put high up on these fortifications. It was beautiful, and all of the people that we saw were Czech. The views were incredible, even though it was foggy and misty.

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