For any of you that don't know, I love postcards.
I've decided that this is probably the best way to document my time in Prague: a blog based on photographs and postcards.
I'll post more often this way (hopefully), and there will just be a small amount of text--a postcard's worth. And this way I'll be able to send "postcards" to everyone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day trip to Plzen (Pilsen)

The second full day Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim were here, we took a bus to Plzen. That's the town where they brew Pilsner Urquell, THE Czech beer. Sam and Whitney came along, too.
The first place we went in Plzen was the central square. There is a church in the middle of it. Everybody but Uncle Jim climbed up to the top. I think it was a little more than we bargained for. In the tower we found some maps and information about the town, but that was just halfway up. The rest of the way was several flights of stairs that got steeper and steeper. In the end they were essentially ladders up to the very top.
We walked to the Brewery and took a tour of the facilities. We tasted unfiltered beer (kind of metallic, I'm glad they filter it). After the tour we had a few hours before our ride back to Prague left. We tried to find a restaurant, but so much of the town was closed down for the weekend.
In the end we walked into the "American Center". There was a library of American books, and the man that was in charge of it talked to us for a long time. He had lived in Ft. Riley, was from Seattle (small world!). He told us a lot about the town. The square that we had looked down at from the tower was where General Patton's army stood as they were liberating Plzen. He invited us back, especially for V-E day celebrations in May.

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