For any of you that don't know, I love postcards.
I've decided that this is probably the best way to document my time in Prague: a blog based on photographs and postcards.
I'll post more often this way (hopefully), and there will just be a small amount of text--a postcard's worth. And this way I'll be able to send "postcards" to everyone.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Televizní vysílač Praha

Went out to a few of the parks in Prague that I had not been to yet. It has been on the chilly side of gorgeous (55F & windy), but still weather that you want to be outside in. We decided to go up into the TV tower to see the panorama of Prague. You guys get a bonus, if you go to this website you'll see pretty much the same thing. But it was an experience!
On a side note, here is another Czech food item for you. I guess it's really German, since Haribo is a German candy company... aside from that, they love Smurfs here. We found "Chamallows" and once we found out they were real marshmallows, we made s'mores out of them. I'll have to find a picture of the Smurf S'mores. It was one of our most successful attempts of adapting Czech ingredients yet! And these guys are adorable.

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