For any of you that don't know, I love postcards.
I've decided that this is probably the best way to document my time in Prague: a blog based on photographs and postcards.
I'll post more often this way (hopefully), and there will just be a small amount of text--a postcard's worth. And this way I'll be able to send "postcards" to everyone.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Vacation: Berlin

After my studio presentation, we traveled (by bus!) to Berlin. It was a lot easier navigating Berlin this second time, but it’s still a lot more confusing than Prague. We started the first day by going to the Brandenburg Gate & the Bundestag, and our hotel was right by checkpoint Charlie. But we also went to things that I hadn’t seen before. The memorial to the murdered European Jews has a museum underneath it. I hadn’t been there, so we visited that the first day.
The next day we went to the Olympic Stadium… my History of Architecture course made it seem much more menacing than it actually was. In fact, it looks really clean, modern & monumental. It was different than I thought it would be. The lack of Nazi paraphernalia that is in all the historical photos probably made all the difference. Right by the Stadium I saw one of the Unite d’Habitacion buildings by Le Corbusier. So I walked a few blocks more to go see it. I knew it was near the Stadium, but I didn’t know I’d be able to see it from there. Made it that much easier to find.
The last day we went to the Bundestag & then in the early afternoon we headed for the southern airport. Only to find out that our flight was cancelled. Then mom stayed up all night trying to figure out a way for us to get from Berlin to Paris.

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